Guide to Conveyancing 2019

Our Conveyancing Guide knows that moving house can be a stressful time. Whether you are buying, or selling, or perhaps thinking of buying a property to rent out, the chances are you will need some help from a conveyancing professional.

That’s why we’ve come up with a complete guide to conveyancing, designed to take you through the conveyancing process in a step by step, personal way. Contact us today to find out more, and browse through our site to learn about a different approach to making buying or selling property easy and hassle-free whilst keeping you in control and informed.

No wonder more and more people are consulting¬†our Conveyancing Guide before they decide where to make their next move…


What is conveyancing?

What is conveyancing? Conveyancing is the legal term given to the process of buying and selling a house or transferring ownership of a property. A conveyancing solicitor can be one of your biggest assets in ensuring that the sale or purchase of a house or property goes without a hitch.

The role of a Conveyancing Solicitor

What does a conveyancing solicitor do? A conveyancing solicitor will not only deal with the relevant paperwork, in connection with buying a house or selling a house but will also provide informed advice as to how the sale or purchase of the property is progressing and flagging up potential problems or pitfalls. Another key benefit of employing the professional services of a licensed conveyancer, conveyancing solicitor or conveyancing lawyer is their ability to deal with essential elements such as local searches and also provide advice on more recent additions to the process of selling a house such as HIPs (Home Information Packs).

The More Complicated Property Transfer: Flying Freeholds, Shared Boundaries and Missing Paperwork etc

Depending on the type of property you are buying or selling may influence the type of conveyancing solicitor you choose to instruct to handle the legalities of the property sale or purchase – if a property comprises more complex aspects such as flying freeholds, leasehold elements, shared boundaries etc you may well prefer to appoint a conveyancing solicitor who you can speak to directly rather than a strictly online conveyancing firm where your conveyancing may be handled, in the majority, by an administrator, rather than a trained conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer. In these more complication situations, the more information you can provide at the outset, the better – it could save you weeks in the long run as questions will inevitably be posed by the other party’s conveyancing team.

Beware Hidden Conveyancing Charges

You may also wish to treat conveyancing solicitors who are offering very cheap deals with caution – this can sometimes mean that they are dealing with a huge number of clients at any one time, thus slowing down their conveyancing services and ultimately impacting on the speed of the property transfer – all of which can end up costing you more money than you initially thought you could save by opting for a cheap conveyancing deal.

Cheap conveyancing deals are sometimes loaded with hidden charges so the initial fee that you thought you signed up can be far removed from the final bill you pay on completion. Sometimes, when it comes to conveyancing, the old adage is true – you get what you pay for so if your house sale or purchase looks relatively straightforward, or if you are selling your house to somebody you know (a private sale) then you might be happy to go with an online conveyancing service.

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Is Online Conveyancing Right For Me?

Many firms also offer a service which is half way between an online conveyancing service and traditional ‘face to face’, meaning you can ring them and speak directly to your appointed conveyancing professional if necessary or in case of problems, but the majority of the conveyancing will be dealt with via e-mail and electronic alerts to update you on the progress of your house sale or purchase.

When HP&B (Hellewell, Pasley & Brewer) Solicitors decided to put together the Conveyancing Guide, we were keen to offer potential house buyers and vendors the opportunity to receive impartial advice to guide them through the key stages of buying or selling a property – after all, it’s what we’ve been doing for many years so the chances are that we’ve already encountered pretty much every eventuality – from missing paperwork, unadopted roads, boundary disputes and people who are stuck in a chain.

Our main offices are in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and from this base we have a dedicated team of licensed conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors who oversee every property transaction and offer a friendly, personal and professional service – whether you come to see the conveyancing team in any of our three offices located in the centres of Dewsbury, Cleckheaton or Birstall to talk through your conveyancing requirements, or whether you live further afield and take advantage of our full telephone and e-mail support.

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Completion Date In Sight

By instructing The Conveyancing Guide team at Hellewell, Pasley & Brewer, you can be confident that all the legal aspects of your property purchase or sale are being looked after, freeing you up to deal with other aspects of your house move – so let us take some of the weight off your shoulders by taking care of your conveyancing.

Even if you are just looking for some advice or an indication of how much you should budget to cover your conveyancing or legal fees in connection with the sale or purchase of a house or another type of property, please call us today for a no-obligation quote and an indication of a realistic completion date to work towards.