Finch Macintosh Architects

About Us

At Finch Macintosh, we’re here to help you learn and expand upon all things architecture. We provide the following services throughout England:  Concept Design, Space planning and bespoke furniture design amongst many other services.

Here you can find a comprehensive guide on how we operate and the services we provide.

Finch Macintosh found its roots in 2002. Since then our clientele has grown and we have also become a leading architectural practice that specialises in a full range of design services.

We know that the desire for change drives architecture.

That’s why we know the ins and outs of redoing your property.

Whether it be from the ground up to designing it from scratch, our mission statement is to provide an excellent design service whilst filling you with the information and tools needed so you are also part of the process.

In 2015 we decided to expand upon our business and provide a fully comprehensive CCTV service. We created this because we believe the home should be protected at all times.

This implementation has seen incremental growth

As a result, CCTV is something we wish to expand upon in future.

For now, our experience and dedication underpin our success.