The Benefits of CCTV


CCTV Integration / CCTV Applications

If a burglary has been committed and your company has had money or information stolen during office hours or outside of them, CCTV cameras can help to identify the culprit.

If not by face then by their car or highlight any other identifying feature about them which will be of help to the police. This is helped by having cameras with a high-quality image.

It is horrible to lose money for your business but losing sensitive information of customers or your company can be worse.

If there is a serious data breach caused by this, then the time has to be spent informing customers of it and they may be due compensation. How can you prevent this?

Catching the Culprit Quickly is Key to Preventing These Problems

If you have someone who can see the security footage in real time, even if they are not secure, they can alert someone if they see something suspicious and the problem can be solved there and then.

Preventing the culprit from ever entering is even better.

Doors or gates that open electronically or through biometrics can be used in conjunction with CCTV.

A person monitoring the footage in real time can open the gates or doors for people and vehicles by providing a visual authorisation that the person entering the building is recognised and trusted.

CCTV hardware can be as simple as a camera placed into an intercom to cameras overlooking whole rooms or areas.


Some cameras can move in multiple directions to monitor more space at a time, zoom in and out to get a better look at something and provide a clear image even if a room is dimmed or darkened completely.

As always, you can take advice from CCTV installers to work out what works best for your business if any problems have occurred before or what the biggest worry would be for you if someone broke in. Wireless or wired CCTV?